Innovative Education Counsil unveils OPIN at Slush 2017

Moi is how we greet someone in Finland. We welcome you to our inaugural blog. We are super excited to share the news from Slush 2017 at Helsinki Messukeskus Conference Center, Finland, where Innovative Education Council unveils its first product OPIN which means “I LEARN” in the Finnish language.

What a year it has been for us so far and this year has been extra special as it marks 100 years of Finland. Among several noteworthy achievements in Finland’s proud history, educational excellence among school children has been one of the most amazing achievement which has been so much talked about and discussed across the globe.

We love the name OPIN and true to its name, it successfully helps bridge the gap by the quicker and easier adoption of the best practices in primary school education from Finland to be made available to schools around the world who strive for deploying the latest developments in education at their schools without incurring additional infrastructure costs.

Not only do the school children develop their learning skills but the teachers too train to enable themselves for leading the schools to prepare for the 21st century educational needs, says Katalin Sagi, the co-founder and the CEO at Innovative Education Council, Finland.

In the Microsoft booth at Slush 2017, among a select group of partners, Innovative Education Council demystifies and showcases it’s educational game OPIN whose mission is – learning with fun, by leveraging one of the most popular game title Benji Bananas by the Finnish games studio Tribeflame Oy which has over 100 million users globally, say Mukul Saklani, Co-founder at the Innovative Education Council.

Look forward for you to revisit our blog again soon!

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