A little act of sweetness

Finland is known for its innovativeness and it’s sense for cooperation for co creation to deliver to the world some of the most amazing solutions not possible otherwise. Nothing but Slush brings out the best to showcase examples of such co creation to the entire world.

On invitation from Microsoft Oy( www.microsoft.fi), Innovative Education Council Oy(www.innoedu.fi) was showcasing it’s learning solutions based on the very innovative Finnish primary school education, it did something amazing on how it collected feedback in a fun and sweet way. Together with the Chocolate Angel Oy (www.chocolate-angel.com), another well-known innovative idea from Finland when it comes to spreading micro-moments of love, teamed up to collect the instant feedback from the visitors to their booth, which included notably among others, honorable Mr. Olli Pekka Heinonen, the Director General of the Finnish National Agency for Education (www.oph.fi ) where IEC was demoing their new product OPIN, an e-learning solution, to help develop logical thinking and provide skills based learning with games to teach programming concepts to primary school kids.

Visitors were eager to hear about the concept behind the product and even more eager to give the feedback and went happily away with their chocolates says Verena, the official Angel behind the Chocolate Angel Oy. She is on a mission to create happiness at work and satisfying the inner child within everyone with her wide selection of sweet treats. Her collaboration was a unique way to collect feedback from chocolates placed in the three bowls marked with ‘I love it’, ‘This could work’ and ‘Not for me’. Keeping in mind the sustainable theme of Slush, the chocolate wrappers were biodegradable and was a good initiative to stay environment friendly.

Very quickly, the energetic and sweet loving crowd almost emptied the ‘I love it’ bowl of chocolates giving the team additional reason to rejoice by assuring their product acceptability, while the pick from the other bowls helped the team to engage further with the visitors and get valuable comments and feedbacks, adds Mukul Saklani, co-founder of IEC.

As the saying goes, a simple act of kindness goes a long way but who knew a simple act of sweetness could go further. On one hand, Verena is trying to ignite the inner joy of individuals’ one sweet at a time, on the other, Kati and Mukul, founders of IEC are trying to ignite the joy of knowledge within the kids by enabling the schools with their learning tools like OPIN. Their cooperation lead to several post engagements for them and progressing and hustling forward, IEC takes a moment to cherish those moments while trying to bring a change in the world in their own special ways, just like all the other entrepreneurs and Slush indeed makes it better!

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