OPIN Ecosystem Partner: AleaMath

Innovative Education Council’s vision is to provide innovative education to the world and we are striving towards it every day. In our journey, we celebrate like minded people and companies sharing the same vision of spreading quality education to the world.

One such amazing person we came across is Anu Tuominen, the founder of AleaMath helping kids learn Mathematics using games. Anu has been teaching Mathematics for high school kids and now working as a teacher educator training future teachers. She believes that the excessive use of digital gadgets has decreased the overall Math aptitude in the kids. And therefore, she created her first mathematics game MathDice.

The idea of creating MathDice occurred to her when she realized that kids are highly engaged in playing mobile games and creating a Math game teaching them the core Mathematical concepts could help them in the school.

In her interview with us she mentions, ‘’Children spend a lot of time with all kinds of games but how does this help them for example in school? Getting a little piece of that game time and let them play a Math game instead might help the pupils in school. The game has a possibility to adapt the difficulty per the kid’s knowledge and give them enough time to think, create and learn the basic concepts.’’

Belonging to the Finnish Education fraternity Anu, like us is proud of her Finnish education heritage where equality is highly esteemed, every child has equal opportunity to grow and teachers are given complete autonomy to teach the subjects. If the world needs to learn something in improving their challenged education systems is to learn from Finland how to help the kids learn, create and innovate in schools.

At InnoEdu, we feel happy to collaborate with such individuals trying to better the society with their solutions like our product OPIN. Our aim is to help the schools find the best solutions for their kids and create an overall ecosystem of similar high quality products,these products might become the next best solution to look upon by the educational institutes across the world in the future.

Looking  for the best educational solution for your kids?

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To download the MathDice game visit Google Play or App Store. Find the links below.

Google Play


App Store


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