Leading Indian Newspaper publish Innovative Education Council's partnership with MGIS, India

Leading Indian newspaper, Indian Express recently published the partnership between Innovative Education Council with one of the leading schools in India, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) validating our work towards the transformation of school education.

MGIS is among the top 20 schools in the country and it’s vision is about creating independent, creative and experiential environment for their students. The school believes that education is not just about the traditional schooling but it must include innovation and technology keeping in mind the new generation.

Innovative Education Council had been based out of Microsoft Flux office in downtown Helsinki and as partner supports the Microsoft vision of creating a global impact in education. “Technology is changing dramatically societies and people’s lives. Teachers role is evolving drastically to adapt to this change, that’s why we in Microsoft Education want to support schools and teachers to educate students with 21st century skills” says Marianna Halonen, the Education Engagement Manager from Microsoft, Finland. 

More recently, Innovative Education Council has stepped closer to being among the most well respected educational community in Finland at the Aalto University Campus in the A-Grid which is again a stone’s throw away from the Microsoft headquarters in Finland.Finland is well known for its school education system and Aalto University has been a pioneer of innovation in different fields including education. We believe in partnering with organizations that share our vision and this shared vision welcomed the partnership with Mahatma Gandhi International School.

The collaboration between MGIS and Innovative Education Council is very important for both the parties as it helps them to get one step closer to their common goal of  creating a fun environment for students to learn. The coordinator of OPIN pilot in MGIS, Joona Sheel has also shared her insights and experience of working with Innovative Education Council in the school’s latest FB blogpost ‘’Life at MGIS- Mahatma Gandhi International School.’’

Joona mentions about the integration of the solution in the school in her post, ‘’MGIS will be integrating these tools with the school’s pedagogy. Around 12 teachers have already been trained by the Finnish partners and the program is piloting in Grade 1 and 2”.

During the initial discussions and workshops, a lot of similarities were found in the methodologies used by MGIS and the best practices from Finnish pedagogy. These common grounds enabled the collaboration between MGIS and Innovative Education Council and in the summer of 2018, Innovative Education Council visited Mahatma Gandhi International School in India to pilot their product OPIN.

As described by the CEO of IEC Katalin Sagi, “Opin, which means I learn in Finnish, combines the phenomena based teaching with the skill based learning making the solution a very effective tool for both teachers and students”.

 The product leverages Finnish pedagogy and help the kids learn while they play.  The pilot resulted in valuable feedback on the product and teacher training content along with a great response from the MGIS team.

To read the complete post by MGIS, visit the link: https://www.facebook.com/lifeatmgis/posts/1953767974711149

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